Come Back: Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the original story Come Back. In this enigmatic point’n’click you wake up lost on a mysterious shore. Do you want to discover the uspetting truth hidden in these notes left everywhere?


Come Back was born in a game jam back in 2017. With the team we had to create an emotional game so we tried to create a point'n'click where you discover a tragic story while you understand the enigmas left for you here. We loved so much to work on that prototype we wanted to continue it. We added new content and created a full game out of it!


  • A never seen before eye-catching artstyle!
  • Difficult enigmas that will leave you puzzled for quite a long time
  • A distressing story that tackles a hard issue: domestic violence.
  • More than 20 different scenes to visit on two islands.
  • A game available in English and French.
  • More chapters are coming soon to continue the journey...


Come Back: Chapter 1 - Launch TrailerYouTube



Awards & Recognition

  • "Emotional Game Jam 2017" 1st Prize for Come Back

Selected Articles

  • A team of brave (ex) students from #laval3di just released a nice and polished #pointnclick game, give it a try :)
    @Valryon, Twitter
Release Announcement
This is it! The first chapter of Come Back is coming after years of hard work!

About Team NoLan

Team NoLan is a video game studio creating rich narrative games. We try to develop interesting stories with never-seen-before graphics.
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